Barnfind Control Features

Main Control Interface:

Ethernet with IPv4 and IPv6
Self-upgrade via Internet. Control software runs on top of GNU/Linux Operating System
IPv4/IPv6 configuration – discovery and configuration via multicast. Makes it possible to always reach the device on a local network.
Future Option: HTTP/Web, Telnet/Text

SNMP Interface:

Detection of “loss of signal” on all Inputs
Reclocker configuration and status on all Outputs
Equalizer configuration and status were available on Inputs and Outputs
Mux configuration
Fan status
SFP diagnostics
Raw access to SFP configuration flash (I2C interface) and status
Simplified configuration to SFP which is in our dynamic database (Barnfind will grow this list as we discover different modules/demand from our customers)
Future Options: Automatic Redundancy on signal paths

Base software on PC:

Discovery and configuration on network interfaces on Barnfind equipment
Be able to configure all options on the device
Presets (salvo)
Future Options: App on IOS (Apple), Android and Windows RT (Windows Mobile 8)

Advanced Software (future):

Trend Logging
Map view (World Map, Local Map, Rack Map)
Linking Ports in Map, detecting mismatch in Light-Colors, Signal Configuration
Redudancy (across devices)
Support for 3rd party devices – PLEASE ASK FOR AVAILABILITY!

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