In addition to our BarnOne family we are introducing a small family of BarnMini boxes that can be seen as a one channel extension out in the field.



This unit has 2xBNC for TX and RX and 1xSFP of any kind. You can choose any SFP for different data rate and reach.
Any SFP for the BarnOne series will fit into our BarnMini series.



The 2nd version of our small box family called Barnmini-02. It has 2xSFP. It will perform like the BarnMini-01.


The two versions of BarnMini will be available on the market in Q1 2014.

With the introduction of this new BarnMini family you now have a complete range of devices that can work together with the unique BarnOne family. No competitor gives you more flexibility. The BarnMini family will have the same generous warranty as the BarnOne family.

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